Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Your Favorite Housemate: Priscilla Navidad On The Buzz!

PBB teen edition plus

Priscilla Navidad was the latest evictee of PBB Teen Edition Plus, and here's what she had to say about her experience inside the Big Brother house in an interview with Cristy Fermin at The Buzz.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Because Of The First Ever Official Marc Josef Elizalde Scandal...

Don't read this if you're an idiot.

... a lot of people are hating on me right now for innocently posting an old video on my Youtube channel and afterwards embedding the damn thing on my web site. Here's what I want to tell everyone about it.

First of all, let me ask you, did you even READ what I WROTE on my previous post with the last video of Josef that I uploaded? If you did, then you wouldn't be hating on me right now, cause why? Because these are the words that I included in that post:

Can someone clear me up on this? Is Josef gay or not?!

I was clearly asking you for your opinions, because I don't want to jump to conclusions and say Josef is gay when I'd like to believe that he's not.

I didn't say that Josef is gay. I was asking a question. I asked, didn't I? You can read, can't you? Then why didn't you see that if you're you smart?

Now to the person who gave me the link to Josef's Multiply page, you know I didn't find those videos from HIS Multiply. I found them somewhere else by myself. And I posted it here for clarification. Well, it was available for everyone else to see anyway, even before I posted them here, so why are you so pissed that I posted it on my site?

I just call things as I see them. And honestly, the "trip" Josef did with his buddy in front of the camera back then, drinking tequila and afterwards biting the lemon out of each other's lips, is something I WOULD NEVER DO PERSONALLY EVEN IF I WAS TOTALLY DRUNK. I don't think any straight guy in their right minds would ever want to be THAT CLOSE to a guy. But still, I'm not saying he's gay. I'd rather have you decide for yourself by watching the videos - they're still there.

And one last thing, I want to give out a final message to the Youtube users commenting on my video from Youtube.




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Marc Josef Elizalde Kissing Another Guy Caught On Tape!

Oh, wow, I can't believe I'm writing about this again. Will it also be like the first time, and will I puke all over again?! I genuinely feel SICK after watching this video, dammit! Can someone clear me up on this? Is Josef gay or not?! Watch the video to see it for yourself!

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I Think Marc Josef Elizalde Is Gay. Don't Ask Me Why.

You know, I'm a real nice guy. I don't go to church, but believe me, I'm a real nice guy. And when I say someone is gay, I am usually right.

OK, those last sentences read like they came from a drunk virgin so... without further ado, let me give you a little something that speaks louder than my words. Which is, a video of Marc Josef Elizalde doing some hard "trick shots" with a couple of buddies and Tequila. Why don't you go ahead and hit Continue reading to know what I'm talking about?

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EXCLUSIVE! Marc Josef Elizalde's REAL Multiply Account

I've tried for one whole hour to look for one decent photo of Marc Josef Elizalde from his official blog but unfortunately, I haven't found one. All the photos he posted on the damn site are either small thumbnails taken with stone-age camera phones or photos of people we don't know. However, you can still drop by his real Multiply page if you want, and see some photos with his friends, and notably, a few artistas (in a trip to Enchanted Kingdom). Stay tuned for more insider info about Marc Josef Elizalde.

Marc Josef Elizalde's Real Multiply Page

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Mikan Ong is now officially the third house player ng bayan!

You saw it and read it here first, people! Mikan Ong, one of the teens who made it to the PBB Teen Edition Plus lucky 30, but wasn't lucky enough to be included in the list 12 official housemates, has just recently made his appearance in the big brother house to replace former teen house player Sharleen Farina Runkle (best known as Shy).

Want to know more about Mikan Ong? Click here to see his photos and a link to Mikan Ong's friendster profile.

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Monday, May 12, 2008

EXCLUSIVE: Josef Interviewed in PBB TE + Uber

Watch the video at PBB Insider Videos.

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Welcome Andrea "Andi" Eigenmann, The 2nd PBB TE + House Player

After Sharleen "Shy" Farina Runkle, we have another PBB Teen House Player to take on the task of revealing the true color of our original Teen Plus Housemates. This time, it's a confirmed relative of a real celebrity, Andrea "Andi" Eigenmann, who is the daughter of Jacklyn Jose.

Aside from appearing in PBB Teen Edition Plus, Andy has also starred in Prinsesa ng Banyera as Sandy. Now ain't she pretty? Now the remaining original PBB Teen Edition Plus Housemates have one more cunning angel to watch out for.

Continue reading for a video of Andy's introduction on yesterday's episode.

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Mica Ocampo to Josef Elizalde: "I'm too good of a woman for you. :)"

Boy, is she full angst. I'm posting this "broken" picture again today (like I did in my original Mica Ocampo blog story) because now it's official. Mica Ocampo and Marc Josef Elizalde's relationship is OVER. It's finished. No more MICSEF here. No, sir.

The simple truth is, Josef sort of showed his "true" feelings towards Mica by calling her "Malandi" and ON NATIONAL TV, at that. If that doesn't quell anyone's nerves, I don't know what will. I guess Mica just got fed up. And I can understand that, very well indeed.

So what's next for Josef and Mica? Or should I say, Josef without Mica? Obviously he's going to be very lonely now. I mean, look, he got kicked out of the Big Brother house one second, and then he got dumped by his loving girlfriend the next. How unlucky can one man get?

Anyway, I think I better include a transcript of Mica Ocampo's latest Multiply blog entry, in which she tells the whole world what's become of her relationship with Josef. The short of it is that, there's no relationship anymore. She just wrote their "break up" post. Curious to read Mica's latest blog entry? Well then go ahead and click continue reading.

The title of this blog entry is Yeah, I`m a slut. But I`m the best slut in town.

Mkay, so I obviously stole that line from Maging sino ka man.
But with the countless accusations I`m getting,
I figured that it`s the most suitable title for this entry.

This entry is viewable to everyone.
So I`m sure some asshole`s going to copy paste this entry somewhere.
Anyway, I`ve got 500 plus invitations which I haven`t been approving for various reasons.

First of all, some bitch has been posting my OLD private pictures around.
Yes, I know Murf Martinez.
Yes, he`s my ex.
But I don`t see how that should concern anyone.
After all, he`s part of MY private life.

I mean, come on.
I don`t usually approve people I don`t know.
I made an exception recently cause of Eli.
And cause I wasn`t raised to be rude.

Seriously people.
Didn`t your parents teach you to mind your own business?
I mean, hate me.
I don`t care.
But seriously, one picture doesn`t tell an entire story.
So don`t talk as if you know everything.

And omg, I can`t believe people are making such a big deal about everything.


But whatevs. Jealousy is the most sincere form of flattery.
So go ahead.
Continue to hate me. :)
I have been through A LOOOT.
So this, all this
is nothing to me.
Plus, omg.
You haters are making me feel like Blair or Serena. :)

Doesn`t it suck that no matter what kind of bad shit I read about myself,

Anyway, one more thing.
Since when did the issue of virginity or being "wild" become such a big deal?
I thought society already accepted it.
Oh well. You guys seriously have to broaden your minds.
And btw, I`m 18. So technically, I`m legal to do whatever the hell I please.

Anyway, since the world has been giving me a million reasons to be pissed and stay pissed,
I shall vent.

So, mkay.
I just found last night that Eli called me malandi.
Imagine that.
Well, for me, it`s over regardless of the fact that he`s still in the house and clueless.
To his knowledge, were still together.
I admit I can be maarte at times.
But never malandi.
Plus, look who`s talking.
Ako pa ngayon ang malandi.
Talaga lang ha?

You know, the thing about me is that,
You can`t say shit about me and not expect me to respond.
Ano ako? Nagpapa api?
It`s like, if you slap me in the face,
I`ll slap you twice as hard.

Now do you guys understand why I thought it was better off to break up with him?
Imagine, humiliating your "girlfriend" on national t.v. knowing that the whole freaking country`s watching.


He better learn to keep his mouth shut.
Cause when I start talking,
I`ll REALLY start talking. :)

And Marc Elizalde, tsk.
All I can say is,
I`m too good of a woman for you. :)

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